In the modern world, our lives can be too busy to pay enough attention to our children. However, it is very important for a child to get a proper care throughout their childhood. That is why the service of nannies is common everywhere in the world. There are two types of care a nanny can provide: custodial and coordinated.

Custodial care is probably the most common model, it is when a nanny takes care of child’s needs while their parents are away. Basically, they can only act according to the plan the parents provided.

Coordinated care is a more serious model, it includes helping parents to decide on child’s activities while taking care of them. Their opinion is highly valued.

If you are in need of a private nanny who can look after your dear daughter or son while you are away then let us know! We will find you the most caring and thoughtful person for your child.

And if you dreamed to become Mary Poppins when you were a child it’s time to make your dreams come true! We are open for the applications of nannies who want to work with our team!